Millboard Golden Oak & Burnt Cedar Decking – Saxon

About the project

Our clients had recently re-landscaped their garden and had a prayer room built at the end of the garden. We were asked to design a deck which wrapped around the prayer room enabling them to extend the space, allowing the inside area to flow smoothing into the outside space. Designing full length steps allowed for access from the lawn and path up to the prayer room. As a design feature, the main deck colour of Golden Oak incorporated breaker boards instead of butting one end up to another.

GAV-SAX Before 202308 03
GAV-SAX CAD Golden-Burnt decking


Our clients opted for the Millboard Enhanced Grain as the deck boards have the look and feel of natural timber but with a hard-wearing durability that wood decking simply cannot achieve. To find out more about Millboard visit their website

Millboard offer a range of different colours and our clients were pondering on exactly which colours would work best in the garden, with many grays and the cedar of the prayer room. The final colour choice of Golden Oak for the main area and Burnt Cedar of the front edge. It was a massive success as it matched in so well with a colour of the prayer room along with the rest of the garden and the stone in the gabion walls.

The fixing of the Millboard decking frame consisted of 60mm stainless steel screws, which, when screwed in disappear just beneath the surface, creating a neat and clean finish unlike other decking where clips and/or screws can be seen.

GAV-SAX Framing 202308 03


The framing on this project is a hybrid of HDPE recycled plastic and C24 timbers which are UC4 treated. We applied Walther Strong deck tape to the timbers to create a waterproof barrier to the top face of the timbers. The fixings used were Carpenters mate structural fixings, which are guaranteed for the life of the project.

This type of framing was used due to the height of the deck. The lower frame was constructed using HDPE plastic as it’s close to the ground and it is not effected by moisture it can get from the ground. The timber part of the frame is built over 300mm from the ground, which allows airflow and avoids any exposure to the wet or damp conditions from the ground.

No compromises, just the best methods and quality materials. 

GAV-SAX Complete 202308 10

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