What is composite decking?

Composite decking is the fastest-growing decking solution on the market today. There are a few brands that are leading the way. Here at Designer Exteriors we install mainly Trex and Millboard decks. One of the benefits of composite decks are the minimal maintenance compared with timber decking but it still gives you the same authentic wood appearance.  It is engineered to better withstand the damaging effects of weathering, giving you that quality look year after year.

How is composite decking made?

Composite decking is an engineered decking board made up of wood and plastic. The mix is heated, moulded to form lenghts of decking  boards and then cooled, resulting in a decking that needs less maintenance, looks stylish and authentic, and keeps its appearance for years to come.


Composite decking from Millboard is accurately made from revolutionary Polyurethane resin, which is reinforced with mineral stone and costed in Lastane®.  This material is supple like rubber but rigid and hard-wearing like plactic. It is a great material to use outdoors as there are no wood particles in the boards, which means it won’t attract damp or insect larvae.

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Trex decking is an environmentally-friendly choice made from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed industrial wood scraps and plastic film from common items such as shopping bags. It offers superior durability and performance that you won’t get from timber as it won’t rot or splinter and you’ll never need to stain or paint it.

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Advantages of Composite Decking

Life Span

Composite decking is a long-life alternative to timber offering a 25-year warranty with Millboard and Trex. These high-tech decking boards are more resilient to issues that often plague timber decking. Even with treatment, moisture can build up in traditional timber decking, which leads to rot and it becoming unsafe to use. In comparison, a composite deck offers a more reliable solution that will see you through year after year.

MIT-OLD Board Closeup Square Millboard Coppered Oak & Burnt Cedar
HEN-MAN After 22 Millboard Smoked Oak & Burnt Cedar Decking

Low Maintenance

A timber deck requires hours of exasperating care and maintenance, with the threat of rotting, creaking, splintering or rotting as the very British weather takes its toll. When you invest in a composite deck there is little to no maintenance needed due to the robust material. Just an occasional soap-and-water cleaning is all that’s needed to maintain superior stability and beauty for decades. 


Overtime timber decks can become weak, unstable or full of splinters due to the build up of moisture, while moss and algae grow, it can turn your deck into a death trap. However, composite decks removes that fear as good quality composite decking offers exceptional non-slip properties, even in the wettest of weather, as well as a long term structural integrity. 

LEE-RET 202310 After 19 Millboard Coppered Oak decking

A look that lasts

Traditionally timber was an appealing option for outdoor flooring due to its beauty. However, over time timber loses its beauty as it begins to fade and it will start to look tired without putting in hours of maintenance. Composite decking boards are designed featuring high-definition wood grain patterns and rich colours, which don’t fade in the elements like timber. As a result your deck will look amazing for years to come.