Decking design and installation

Have 20 years of experience in the decking design and installation industry we have the knowledge and passion to create your dream deck. We are approved installers for some of the worlds best decking brands and work with Softwood and Hardwood timber, Bamboo, Modified timbers & Composites. All of our brands are industry leading in quality and specifications.

Being fully trained and approved installers helps to give you the knowledge that your decking will be well designed and built to last. For more details of our process press here.

Some of our decking brands

Wood / Plastic Composite Decking
Mineral board Composite Decking
Modified Timber Decking

Chosen for best in-class characteristics, backed up with fantastic warranties our chosen decking brands give our clients the ultimate in choice, quality and style. Having Designer Exteriors design and install decking from these brands means that your investment will look and fell amazing from now and for many, many years.

What is Trex?

Five tiers of decking products provide a comprehensive range of durable yet low-maintenance options. Trex® eco-friendly composite decks are an innovative blend of 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

What is Millboard?

Created using recycled materials and absolutely no timber. The unique Lastane surface provides exceptional weather-resistance and offer superb slip-resistance. Unmatched durability and realism to natural wood. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

What is Grad?

Decking system designed for a range of natural decking products which have 100% invisible fixings. Encompassing Softwoods, Thermo-woods, Bamboos & Modified Timbers. The Grad system is unique to the market and have created an innovative decking range.