Decking sub frame - Treated Timber

Not all timber is suitable for a deck sub frame. As with all aspects of our installation we source and use the very best materials and methods to build a deck that is designed to last.

The structural timber used in our sub structures is C24 graded & UC4 treated. More information on grading and treatment below.

GAV-SAX Framing 202308 02

Timber which is preserved or treated is classified for different uses. Use Class 3 & 4 (UC3/4) are  both for exterior use with 4 being the best treatment option available. From mid 2023 as standard practice we only use UC4 on our sub-frame timber installs.

All cut ends are also re-treated before installation to maintain 100% treatment coverage. 

The final part of the DEX service is a layer of decking tape. The tape we use creates a waterproof barrier on the top surface of the timber sub-frame, this reduces water ingress and further increases the life expectance of the structure.

Examples of timber sub structures we have constructed