Project completion Hackney - October 2023

Millboard Coppered Oak & Burnt Cedar decking design & installation.

About the Project

Our clients contacted us requesting a decking rebuild. The old deck that they had was a softwood timber structure with a lower and upper level. The upper level also had a timber balustrade and pergola


At the first consultation, designs were discussed and size of area was planned out and decisions were made to not replace the upper area of the deck, as it wasn’t required and didn’t work aesthetically with the landscaping. A CAD design was supplied to the client at the quotation stage, detailing the decking board layout and size of the proposed deck.

MIT-OLD CAD Board layout and dimensions


The brief was to create an easy maintenance wooden look deck to fit naturally within the surroundings. Millboard decking boards fitted this brief perfectly as it mimics  and moulded from oak timbers. A two tone colour was agreed with the main decking colour being Millboard Copper Oak, which has a lovely mid tone brown. The exterior boards, creating a picture from, were Millboards Burnt Cedar. This colour was also used on the face end to cover over the frame below.


With the decking sitting quite low in the landscape and close to water, a framing material of HDPE recycled plastic was chosen as this gives the longest possible lifespan to the frame. The frame was constructed using structural screws from Carpenters Mate. The whole frame was placed on and fixed onto steel ground screws, which are mechanically screwed into the ground to create a level and structurally sound foundation.


We pride ourselves in designing and building bespoke decks which are individual to the clients specifications, which also sit perfectly within the landscape around it. This includes the orientation of the decking boards, which adds to the aesthetic look of the finish deck. The detailing towards the end of a build and at the design stage are all important to create this bespoke space for our client.

On this project were incoporated the following details into the design and build:

 •cantilevered deck which floats above the edge of the pond,

• a breaker board installed where one angle meets another, at the centre of the deck,

• double height fascia board to completely cover the frame below the deck. 

Client Review / Testimonial

Matt and his team were fantastic. The initial consultation and advice proved invaluable to us getting exactly the right deck for our garden. It’s complex cantilever design, hanging it over the edge of our pond has resulted in a terrific end result.


November 2023 – Quotient Reviews

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