Millboard Coppered Oak decking 'Eaton'

About the project

We were contacted by our client asking for a deck re-build in a corner of the garden against a natural pond. The old timber decking was slippy and some of the boards were broken so causing a hazard to the client and family. The framing below was timber with very little ground support, as this deck is low to the ground air flow was limited so the framing was in a very bad condition being rotten throughout.  We were asked to re-build to the same position, height, curve and dimensions.


The stipulation was a deck that should be easy maintenance and as well as being as naturally looking as possible. Millboard Enhanced Grain ‘Coppered Oak’ was chosen for the decking boards as this is a fantastic option colour wise due to it looking natural in its location and its long lasting properties fitting the brief perfectly.

LEE-RET 202310 After 20Millboard Coppered Oak decking
LEE-RET Framing Image HDPE Framing


HDPE recycled plastic framing was chosen for this project as the deck is very close to the ground, this type of framing is an ideal choice in this type of build due to its much longer lasting properties compared to timber. The frame was constructed using structural screws from carpenters mate. The whole frame is placed on and fixed onto steel ground screws, which are mechanically screwed into the ground to create a level and structurally sound foundation. 

The detailing

We pride ourselves in creating a bespoke deck which is individual to the clients needs and sits perfectly in the landscape around it. The detailing towards the end of a build and at the design stage is all important to create this bespoke space for the client.

On this project, this details were as follows;

  • A curved edge to the deck unto the pond.
  • Curved bullnosed board top the curve edge.
  • Water feature cascading out of the deck fascia.
  • Diagonally fitted decking boards.
  • Full decking boards fitted with no ‘end-to-end’ cuts.
LEE-RET 202310 After 16 Millboard Coppered Oak decking
Full Review LEE-RET 2023-11

Client Testimonial / Review

Very pleased with my new deck. Matt did a fantastic job, especially given the curve around the pond edge. Very professional – would highly recommend.


25/10/2023 – Quotient Reviews

Completion Images

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